Ассоциация директоров по Коммуникациям и корпоративным Медиа России

Event Agency certified by AKMR

Information about the competition
The Russian Association of Communications and Corporate Media Executives (AKMR) is the 6th year of holding a contest «Event Agency certified by AKMR»
Annually Russian companies participate in the competition. Companies offer services for organizing and conducting activities consistent with international global of Corporate communications.
The purpose of contest is selection on a competitive basic of several a leading event-agency.
The Agency will be recommended by the Association to its members and other market participants for corporate events and other internal and external events.
According to the results of the contest winner – companies included in the Top 5 will receive from the Association a written certificate «Event Agency certified by AKMR».
Competitive selection is carried out in two stages in a closed basis only the companies that were formally invited to tender AKMR.
The first stage of the competition will be held September 7, 2015. On the results expert council which includes members of the Board AKMR representation of the largest Russian companies – members of the Association and expert in the field of event-services will select 20 of the best agencies.
Selected Agencies in the second stage of the competition will present their public presentation to the jury and representation of the corporate community.
The second stage of the competition will be held September 10, 2015. According to the results of the second stage will be determined «Top 5» participants –winners. Will also be conducted independent questionnaires among participants. A special award will be established on the basis of questionnaires.
The list of winners will be continuously published on the website AKMR and is a short-list of official companies-contractors of AKMR recommended for corporate events.

During the second stage, the remaining participants will be invited presentation and solution of the case, the results of which will form the list of winners.
Summing up

The results of the tender shall be communicated in writing to each participant of the competitive selection, the Association of Directors of communications and corporate media of Russia (AKMR).


After receiving the official letter from the AKMR with an invitation to participate, Companies contestant must be made within 7 days to register with the organizing committee, thus confirming their consent to participate in the competition. Then the company will be billed on the basis of the registration form, which must be paid within 3 working days. After registration and payment, the Company within 10 days of the contest provides the necessary materials to the organizing committee.

Applications for participation in the V annual competition «Event-agency certified by AKMR - 2015» submitted by participants agencies until August 31, from the audience - September 5, 2015.
Criteria for selection

In the first stage, the selection of candidates will be made by the members of the expert panel and participants will be judged on a 10-point scale. When the assessment will take into account the following criteria Event Agency:

Experience - duration work on the market, the number and scale of projects, clients, the complexity of the implemented tasks.
Creativity - services, options scenarios, know-how, software content, animation.
Base of contacts - ground, artists, catering, technical services, decoration, floral, promo-personal, photographers and videographers, sponsors, media support.
Budget - competitive prices, having our own sites, exclusive rights or rental rates sites.
Quality - compliance platforms and services, technical standards (fire safety, etc.), international level (taking into account an international audience and features of intercultural communication).

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